Valentine’s Day is an annual festival held on 14th February across the world. The day is a celebration of love, romance and admiration mainly conducted through the exchange of gifts. Although most people believe that Valentine’s Day is only for lovers, the day is also celebrated by friends and families to honor each other.

The name Valentine originated from a Catholic priest; Saint Valentine, who is believed to be the father of Valentine’s Day. Although there are various myths surrounding the activities of the priest, the idea of Valentine’s Day was born from his commitment to upholding the freedom of people to love those they wish without restrictions.

During the times of Saint Valentine, it was prohibited for pagans to marry Christians. In full knowledge of that, the priest still went ahead to perform marriage ceremonies against the law, which eventually led to his incarceration and execution on 14th February 270. This impacted the rise of the legend of Saint Valentine that saw the date of his death declared a feast day by the pope.

While Valentine’s Day is now celebrated across many countries in the world, different cultures have come up with their own ways of marking the occasion. In some traditions, Valentine’s Day is mainly observed as an occasion for showing love to friends and family members. However, the main concept is to show appreciation to the people you love.

Why Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Now that you know how a little about how 14th February was proclaimed Valentine’s Day, find out some of the reasons you should consider celebrating the occasion with that special person in your life below;

Love is worth celebrating

Each of us always has that special someone we cherish in life. Taking a day off to be with them or simply sending them a gift on Valentine’s Day is a great way to show them how much you value the relationship. Celebrating Valentine’s Day gives you the exclusive opportunity to express your feelings and affection to the people you love.

Reaffirms your devotion

Although there are many ways you can use to show your loved ones and the people you admire how you feel about them, doing it on Valentine’s Day gives a more  appealing expression. Even if you are unable to be with them, sending a personalized Valentine’s Day gift can always go a long way in letting them know that you care.

Enhances positive thoughts and moods

Whether you are single or in the company of loved ones, celebrating Valentine’s Day comes with so much fun and romance. If you are recently separated, going out to celebrate Valentine’s Day could offer an ideal platform for healing and meeting new people. This will not just positively impact your overall well being but, also add some spice into your life.

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