Countdown to Valentine's Day 2018

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Although Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February across the world, the whole month of February is generally regarded as the season of love. This means, most cultures usually start celebrations early or extend beyond the date. However, this should not be a reason to convince you into pushing aside preparations for Valentine’s Day 2018.

Valentine’s Day is a time when you need to step out of the ordinary and, give your loved ones something to reaffirm your love and affection to them. To ensure that you do not go wrong on this big day, it is just in order that you start planning early. The first step should be finding out details of when Valentine’s Day 2018 will occur.

True to the tradition of Valentine’s Day, next year’s will take place on 14th February, which is a Wednesday. For Catholics, Valentine’s Day 2018 will occur on the same day as Ash Wednesday. According to the liturgical calendar, Ash Wednesday is an important holiday for Catholics that is celebrated before the beginning of Lent (a month of prayer and fasting).

Even if you are a catholic, the above sentiments do not mean that you have to choose between celebrating Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday. In fact, you can still successfully do both with better planning in advance. For non Catholics, there is less work to do in terms of planning. But, it should also begin early so you do not get caught up in the last minute rush.

Regardless of your religion, the best way to making sure that you will be able to impress that special someone in your life is through the help of a pro. At Valentines-Day-Singapore, we offer quality personalised Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas that you can rely on for planning a memorable Valentine’s Day 2018. Talk to us for professional Valentine’s Day suggestions.

See you in Valentine’s day 2019

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